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Let the Government Print it’s own MONEY

By Cheryl, October 10, 2010 10:02 am

It doesn’t matter what backs the currency — what matters is WHO controls the supply

Under the current system –the government has to borrow money into existence and then pay interest on it

Get Rid of the DEBT MONEY system — HERE’S HOW…

“The issue of a currency is a function of the government, a sovereign right which ought NOT to be delegated to corporations.”

1902- Dr. Davis Rich Dewey, Professor of Economics and Statistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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By Cheryl, February 6, 2010 11:12 am
TOM GRECO, author of The End of Money and the Future of Civilization
quotes Gandhi:
“We can tell our would be masters we will not be slaves to your monopoly.  We do not need your money.  We will spin our own from the fibers of trust and cooperation that we grow together in our own communities and use it for the benefit of all.”

Greco conveys, the purpose of CURRENCY is to promote RECIPROCAL EXCHANGE.

Originally money was commodities (gold, pigs, salt) then it became symbolic (notes representing a gold deposit) and now money is credit…(well actually in the current system money is debt)

I love Greco’s calm, no-nonsense manner as he explains….we trust these forms because we’ve been taught to and we seldom stop to think of other payment media that might be used besides the debt money system.

If money is nothing but credit—then it is our willingness to accept it that gives it value—it’s time to transmute the growth imperative inherent in the fractional reserve system and create a SUSTAINABILITY IMPERATIVE.

In creating a new economic reality we must exercise the power that is already ours: Our MONEY POWER = our power to give each other credit

We do this by reclaiming the credit commons; creating our own direct credit clearing exchange and shifting power to local communities.

We decide who we will trust.   Boycott; Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America.  The fractional banking system has reached it’s limit–the game is up—NOW is about creating a sustainable resourced-based economy founded on reciprocal trade.

Tom Greco’s blog is devoted to the liberation of money and credit, and the restoration of the commons
GRECO’S website – where you can find much more information
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